Opti-num Solitions provides technical computing and model based design products and services to engineering, financial and academic professionals. They were founded in 1992 with a vision to empower South Africa’s knowledge economy.

Business Requirement

Opti-num is a software company that needed to be able to manage client interactions and agreements. Out of the box CRM software was not suitable for their environment due to the very specific due diligence processes followed by the company.


Opti-num selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Technologies to develop a customised CRM platform to extend the offerings of the sales, services and marketing models of the package to follow the business process and requirements, timed and reactive to the manner expected by optimised requirements.


Opti-num now has a scalable system that is customisable with future growth in their product range. They are able to manage their service desk within the specified service level agreements. The sales team is able to reach out to the customers and also being able to measure the effectiveness of their interactions.