The Johannesburg Water Board is a municipal entity incorporated in November 2000 and commenced business in January 2001. Due to wear and tear, vandalism and theft the Johannesburg Water Board needed to maintain and repair the infrastructure of their SOWETO superblocks.

Business Requirement

Create a real time and easy to use assessment system that improves the accuracy of the reporting, elimination of data loss, reducing manual labour and time wastage.


For its assessment solution, the Johannesburg Water Board selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Technologies to develop a customised system that could remotely submit a report that updated immediately after an assessment was completed, enabling managers to evaluate reports and allocate resources accordingly.

The solution utilises a tablet with easy to use drop down selections and tick boxes. GPS coordinates and pictures can be attached with a signature from the house resident and then submitted to be reviewed immediately.


The Johannesburg Water Board could measure and manage the progress of the assessments on the houses at any given stage to be able to allocate materials and resources accurately.