CHOC Gifting Tree

CRM Technologies has supported CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA for many years and would like to encourage our customers to get involved in this good cause. CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation was established in 1979 as a support group to parents of children with cancer, by parents of children with cancer. These parents have experienced the immense emotional[…]

Welcome Transactional Control Technologies

Transactional Control Technologies (TCT) specialises in single-person access control, remote/multiple site access control, fog security and pneumatic tube systems.  TCT required a system that would cater for the Sales and Service aspects of their business process. The project was awarded to CRM Technologies. We proudly announce the successful implementation of a customised and extended Microsoft[…]

New Team Members

CRM Technologies is excited to welcome 3 new team members. Pieter has been appointed as Helpdesk Technician. Richard and Simba are our new Junior Developers. The CRM Technologies looks forward to continuing our impeccable service delivery with stronger ranks.

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This is my desk and I am accountable.

A phrase that is like manna for a manager or business owner when it is heard from the lips of your employee, especially one that is critical to your business exposure, operations or livelihood. Not all employee’s may be as mature in insight to view their “job” as a pivotal component in a corporation so[…]

Is Your Call Center Customer Driven?

  The answer to this question seems obvious…well it should be. And the standard response we get is, “Damn straight!” However, what we are finding is that the standard response is only half right. Why? Because most call center environments we get into contact with, have been set up for quantity first and quality second.[…]