This is my desk and I am accountable.


A phrase that is like manna for a manager or business owner when it is heard from the lips of your employee, especially one that is critical to your business exposure, operations or livelihood. Not all employee’s may be as mature in insight to view their “job” as a pivotal component in a corporation so as to require them to view their desk as being their own “business” and to produce from it the quality and productivity as they would should their own livelihood depend on it, but it is important that an employee be accountable for the result they do produce. A manager or business owner will often be in the position of requiring adequate and reliable tools to follow their employees actions to hold them accountable, not only for non-performance, but also for super performance.

As a business owner, I cannot hope to run a successful business without having pin point precision information and data about what is transpiring in my business. I want to know what my staff has achieved in a day. I need facts and figures that are precise and to the point. I need quick overviews and in depth reports that document my staffs daily tasks and results. I also want to know if data is skewed, who tampered with the result.

As an employee, my staff need to know what I expect of them through clear processes and goals. When my staff members need information, they need a tool that is going to provide the information quickly and accurately. “What next” should be defined and “remember to do this” should be handled by a more reliable system than our overworked memories. An employee also needs to be secure in the knowledge that their efforts are recorded and by outcome their work loads are visible and manageable.

The above needs, desires and requirements may seem unachievable, however are efficaciously fulfilled in my business by our Dynamics CRM software which is integrated into every department. If you would like to hear more about how Dynamics CRM clearly defines my day to day business through Goals, Metrics, Dashboards, Audit History, Business Processes and Reports which allow me to predict outcomes, contact us through our form below.



Teresa Masters

Director of CRM Technologies and IT Technologies