Is Your Call Center Customer Driven?



The answer to this question seems obvious…well it should be. And the standard response we get is, “Damn straight!”

However, what we are finding is that the standard response is only half right. Why? Because most call center environments we get into contact with, have been set up for quantity first and quality second.

So what is missing? The customer and, more specifically, the customer focus. What is happening is that these environments are generally being set up by systems experts. These  same systems experts set up telephony systems, servers, call recorders etc. all on the foundation that if the hardware and software work then the customer will be looked after.


It cannot be denied that sales, marketing and customer service are numbers games. BUT it has been proven over and over again that success is not purely based on call numbers but, more importantly, call quality.

We are now left with a quandary – how do we increase call quality when the environments have clearly been set up for call quantity? And then, in addition to that, how do we ensure we maintain quantity whilst increasing call quality – ┬ábecause in many instances quality can take longer?

The solution is a simple one. Not easy, but simple. Integrate your systems around a platform that is built to be customer focused…a robust and well built customer relationship management platform. Developing your automation and workflows in a CRM platform will ensure that whatever processes you implement, will be customer focused. This way you can keep your quantity and increase your quality. This may not be the cheapest way to do things initially, but it will pay for itself over and over again with higher customer satisfaction, increased closing rations, more referrals – your imagination is the only limitation.

You see…you can have the best of both worlds if you want and if you are really creative. What is possible is that you can even increase your quantity along with your quality. But, and this is a big but, only if you choose the right CRM partner. One who has taken the time to understand your call center’s main objective and your business.

We are CRM Technologies, a certified partner and developer of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have helped a number of our customers increase their call volume and call quantity with our unique approach to CRM.



Bryce Barnard

Business Development Manager at CRM Technologies RSA & IT Technologies